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Library for the blind is the legacy of wounded soldiers
Since 7 November 1935, when the first Talking Books were issued, the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has issued over 80 million audio books to over two million people.

Talking books were developed after the First World War when thousands of soldiers blinded in action returned from the front and wanted to carry on reading. ‘Typhoon’ by Joseph Conrad and ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ by Agatha Christie were amongst the first books issued on long-playing records.

The service has grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of readers. Talking books are now sent via post on
DAISY CDs and ‘read’ on players designed for ease-of-use by people with sight and some dexterity problems.
blind peoplere now sent via post on

The Talking Book Service, part of RNIB’s National Library Service, contains over 14,000 titles - the largest collection of unabridged audio books in the UK and one of the largest in the world.

Anyone who has difficulty reading 12 point print or less, with glasses, could be eligible to join the RNIB Talking Book Service.

For further information
call 0845 762 6843 or visit



Veterans Day ....time to start planning
Stop PRESS...
The National Armed Forces Memorial
Library for the blind is the legacy of wounded soldiers
Its official Veterans qualify too!



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Combating Homelessness amongst Veterans

Thank you for your Issue 8 Summer 2007 edition of Veterans WORLD.

I was interested to read the article on page 3 headed Combating Homelessness Amongst Veterans. This is an issue of concern to me and I am interested to explore whether the situation in Kent (and Maidstone in particular) would warrant a similar project in our area. Of course we already make use of the excellent facilities provided by the Royal British Legion at Aylesford but wondered whether the scheme highlighted in your magazine provides for a different type of supported accommodation.

I would be grateful if you could direct to the right person to have further discussion with?

John Littlemore JP
Chief Housing Officer
Maidstone Borough Council

John, many thanks for your letter. You will be pleased to know that Richard Macintyre of The Royal British Legion Village in Aylesford, Kent sits on the Ex-Service Action Group (ESAG) representing your area. The initiatives mentioned in the article are currently based in London but the Ex-Service Fellowship (Recently re-branded as Veterans Aid) takes client referrals from all over the UK and has helped veterans as far off as Australia! Project Compass does have plans to move out to the regions in the future, based on the areas of greatest need.


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