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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Veterans WORLD?
A: The newsletter aims to raise awareness of Veterans and provide a single source of information – factual, networking, signposting and educational – for organisations that deal with or assist veterans in a professional capacity, such as ex-Service organisations, government agencies, Citizens Advice Bureaux, NHS, key charities and those involved in resettlement etc.

The Minister for Veterans officially launched Veterans WORLD in June 2005. The initial launch saw Veterans WORLD being issued to just under 3,000 people – it now goes out to more than 15,000 – see below.

Q: Who owns and publishes Veterans WORLD
A: The MOD’s Service Personnel and Veterans Agency produces Veterans WORLD, as part of the Veterans Programme.

Q: What does Veterans WORLD publication include?
A: Articles that:

Q: Do you accept articles for inclusion in Veterans WORLD?
A: Yes, if your article highlights how your services have or can help, advise or support a veteran.

To make an editorial contribution write to: Veterans WORLD, Service Personnel and Veterans Agency, Room 6108, Norcross, Blackpool, FY5 3WP. Call 01253 338816 or email

Q:How many issues are there each year?
AVeterans WORLD is published on a quarterly basis.

Q: Who should receive Veterans WORLD?
A: Veterans WORLD is aimed at people who work in an “advisory” capacity with the public, i.e. NHS staff, local Authority advisers, CAB, welfare advisors etc. This does, of course, include people who act in an advisory capacity for ex-Service organisations.

Ordinary members of such organisations would not usually be added to the distribution list but are welcome to view it on-line at, click onto publications.

Q: How many subscribers does Veterans WORLD have?
A: With each issue, our distribution is increasing for both the print version and e-newsletter. The publication of Issue 8 saw Veterans WORLDbeing sent to around 16,000 addresses.

Q: How do I subscribe?
A: Veterans WORLD is FREE – to subscribe, simply send an email with the following details below to

Postal Town:
Post Code:
Organisation Website: 

Alternatively you can fax your details to 01253 332219 or

post to
Veterans WORLD,
Room 6108,
Service Personnel & Veterans Agency,
FY5 3WP.

Q: Is it just available in print?
A: No, to ensure that Veterans WORLD meets all needs, it is available in print, as an e-newsletter or WebPages.

Q: Is everything contained in the print version also online?
A: Yes, the content of the print version is fully replicated online in bespoke WebPages.  The e-newsletter publishes a selection of articles with access to the full issue version available on the WebPages. 

Q: What about audio versions?
A: Audio versions of Veterans WORLD are available on request.

Q  Can I reprint articles from Veterans WORLD?
A: To reproduce articles within your own publication, please use the following wording:
This article is reproduced courtesy of Veterans WORLD, produced by Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.

Q: Is there a printer-friendly version
A: You can download a fully searchable PDF version of each issue, which can be found at

Q: How many issues of the magazine are in the archives?
A: All past issues can be found at

Q: Are there advertising opportunities in Veterans WORLD
A: Veterans WORLD does not currently publish advertisements, but if you provide a service to veterans, we can consider an article – see above


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