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The Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) provides a ‘through life’ personnel
service to members of the Armed Forces and the veterans community.


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For those veterans in need


Veterans can be of any age, from WWI to those who have served in more recent conflicts. As a result, SPVA now supports a very diverse population with a wide range of needs. The vast majority of veterans integrate very well into society, making a positive contribution. Sadly, there are others who have found it difficult to settle back into civilian life.

The SPVA Veterans Welfare Service is able to provide one to one advice, in the home if required. Operating from 25 welfare offices across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Welfare Managers work with local authorities and other bodies to ensure Veterans receive appropriate help and support to resolve their problems.

To find out the contact details of your local Veterans Welfare Manager, simply call the Veterans-UK helpline on 0800 169 2277 and give them your postcode.

Honouring the fallen

SPVA has a small dedicated team within the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) that answers enquiries relating to individual military fatalities outside the recent past and co-ordinates investigations following the discovery of human remains of personnel from primarily the First and Second World Wars. This fascinating work involves attempts to identify the casualty and trace their next of kin or descendents. Inevitably their research brings to life events in history and more importantly, the people who shaped those events.

Many of the remains are discovered overseas and involve careful planning with the host country and the surviving relatives. The Agency always works with family members to arrange an appropriate funeral with full military honours in the country concerned. At all times the wishes of the family are of primary importance.

Public recognition for Veterans

SPVA plays a major part in publicly recognising the invaluable contribution veterans have played in protecting the nation and its allies. The MOD Medal Office is responsible for the assessment, engraving and awarding of over 100,000 current campaign and historic medals a year to past and present members of the Armed Forces. In addition, the Agency continues to administer the distribution of the Veterans Lapel Badge with over 570,000 distributed to date.

Furthermore, the creation of the Veterans-UK brand has provided a much needed focus for information relevant to Veterans and is set to grow in importance in the immediate future.



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Care for our Polish allies

The Ilford Park Polish Home (IPPH) is quite simply unique and dates back to the 1947 Polish Resettlement Act. This purpose-built home near Newton Abbot, Devon was formally opened after a major re-build on the 16 December 1992. It provides residential and nursing care for the now elderly Polish residents who were displaced during WWII.


The home is managed and administered by SPVA and a team of professional carers strive to offer high quality residential and nursing care whilst working alongside other welfare bodies and organisations. The fully trained nursing staff, together with the home’s experienced management team, provides a relaxed, caring, stimulating and therapeutic environment with an unapologetic emphasis on Polish culture. The dedication and experience of all staff involved in IPPH has allowed SPVA to attain the very highest standards in care provision and are recognised as delivering excellence in this area.

Should you require further information on the care and support available to UK Veterans:call the Veterans-UK helpline on 0800 169 2277 or visit

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