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Helping Bereaved Families







By the summer, a new initiative will be launched to help families who have lost loved ones in the Armed Forces by providing independent legal advice.

THE Royal British Legion (TRBL) will offer a free Independent Legal Advice Service to bereaved Service families. TRBL’s legal advisers will be available to give information and guidance, in particular about the inquest process, to ensure that families are fully prepared. Partially funded by the MOD, it will initially be available for a two-year trial period and will be carefully evaluated during this time to check that it is successfully meeting the needs of families.

The MOD will fully support this initiative but will play no part in the running of the service in order to ensure that advice remains independent and impartial.

Bereaved family members will be able to contact the RBL legal advisers by phone or by e-mail, and arrange face-to-face meetings. The MOD and
RBL will aim to make sure – for example through MOD Visiting Officers, written material and relevant websites – that families understand what the service provides, and that it is available if they want to use it. The service will be free.

* Veterans World will report on progress in a future issue

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