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Sister organisations, Women’s Royal Naval Service Benevolent Trust and Association of WRENS (AOW) work together for the benefit of all female veterans of the Royal Navy.

ASSOCIATION OF WRENS 90th Anniversary.

THE Association of Wrens was formed in 1920 and is still keeping the sprit of naval Servicewomen alive today. Membership is drawn from ex-Naval Service women together with those currently serving in the Royal Navy. The age of members ranges from early twenties to those who served in the Second World War, including several centenarians.

This year, the AOW is proud to be celebrating 90 years of memories, camaraderie and support with a service of commeration at the Royal Naval Church, St Martins in the Fields , Trafalgar Square, on 13 November 2010. The Association of Wrens fully supports the valued work of the WRNS Benevolent Trust and actively promotes their services

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