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Back on dry land Support home for seafaring veterans
2010 is the official ‘Year of the Seafarer’, many of them have played their part in our military history from the two World Wars,the Falklands Conflict to more recent operations in the Gulf. Veterans WORLD reports on the support available to them . . .


The Merchant Seafarers’ bravery and sacrifice in assisting HM Armed Forces in military operations is commemorated with the UK Merchant Seafarers Veteran’s Badge.

LAUNCHED in June 2006, around 9,000 badges have been issued. It’s available to all Merchant Navy seafarers and fishermen who served in a vessel at a time when it was operated to facilitate military operations by UK Armed Forces,at any time prior to 31 December, 1994.

The badge cannot be issued posthumously as it is a survivors’ badge, which is to be worn on civilian clothing. The only exception to this is for Widow(er)s in receipt of a War Widow(er)’s Pension. The deceased must have served prior to and including 31 December, 1994. Members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary who served prior to 31 December, 1994 should apply for the HM Armed Forces Veteran’s Badge.

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