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New Jobcentre Plus ‘Champions’ for Armed Forces launched
The Jobcentre Plus Armed Forces Champions were launched in March as a part ofa package of measures to support the families of Service personnel.

THE main role of the champions is to be a key strategic link between Jobcentre Plus and the Armed Forces Community. This means that they will be the main point of contact for the Armed Forces to tackle issues or problems relating to employment and work-related benefits, such as Jobseeker’s Allowance. The Jobcentre Plus Armed Forces Champions will:

• ensure that customer-facing Jobcentre Plus staff are providing the correct advice and support to members of the Armed Forces Community;

• pick up on problems encountered by Service families seeking work in their geographic area of responsibility, and take positive action to raise awareness of the Armed Forces Community and how they can offer valuable skills and experience to local employers;

• also form links with local military establishments in order to increase their Service awareness and that of staff in their district to help Jobcentre Plus staff offer a more understanding service to members of the Armed Forces Community, including keeping abreast of key changes at local military establishments (such as a large influx of Service families seeking work).

There are around 50 champions that have been established, based around the UK in ‘districts’ which are generally countybased. London and Manchester are the only exceptions to this, with the cities broken down into districts to accommodate the large customer base in these areas.

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