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Medical Discharges

Welcome to the Veterans-UK ‘Medical Discharges’ section.  Here you will find information on compensation payments that can be made to those who are due to be or have been medically discharged from HM Armed Forces.

Army - Medical Discharge Pathway

If you are in the Army, and you are in the process of being medically discharged, or think that you may be in the near future, please click here to see how the in-service process progresses, how you can access the services available from the SPVA and where to go for more information or support.

There are two compensation schemes that may apply:

  • The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme where the cause of an injury/illness/disablement originated from service on or after 6 April 2005.
  • The War Pension Scheme where the cause of an injury/illness/disablement originated from service before 6 April 2005.

More detailed information on these schemes and how claims are processed can be found by clicking on the above links.  This section concentrates on the additional special procedures that may apply to those who are being or have been medically discharged.

Your Questions Answered
The following questions will help you find out all you need to know, but if you aren’t sure or need any other assistance, just call the Veterans-UK helpline on 0808 1914 2 18 and an advisor will be pleased to help.

1. I am due to be medically discharged from the Armed Forces in the near future - do I need to submit my claim now ?
2. I have recently been medically discharged - what happens now ?
3. I served before AND after 6 April 2005 - which Scheme will my injury / illness / condition be considered under ?
4. I have previously been awarded under AFCS whilst still serving - will you look at this again when I am medically discharged ?


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